PEMACU Komuniti

VentureTECH, driven by its developmental mandate and impact investment philosophy, has launched its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme called PEMACU Komuniti to create meaningful and direct outcomes and impacts on the community. The Programme funds investee companies’ solutions that are technology-driven in order to improve the affected community’s quality of life and livelihood.


Key Objectives Of PEMACU Komuniti

Gain visibility and recognition for VentureTECH and VentureTECH’s investee companies for its community-outreach initiatives and their technological solutions, respectively.

Improve the livelihood and/or increase the quality of life of the target beneficiaries by addressing the needs of, and/or solving/alleviating the challenges faced by the community;

Increase awareness of the public, the Government and the industry on the practicable and innovative application of the technology in addressing real life problems;

Effect knowledge transfer, where possible, either in the form of training or direct/indirect involvement of the community in the project work by harnessing the intellectual, technical or technological resources provided/sourced by the identified stakeholders;

Encourage greater participation of VentureTECH’s investee companies in playing a direct role in community development; and