At VentureTECH, all businesses are conducted based on the principles of openness, integrity, respect, and decency. The company strives to foster a professional working culture as a solid foundation of a successful and reputable organisation. In line with this commitment, we have put in place a Whistleblowing Policy to provide an accessible avenue for our Directors, Employees and Business Associates to disclose any improper solicitation, bribery and other corrupt activities which would result in dire and severe consequences for VentureTECH and Employees engaged in such illegal and undesired practices. Any Employee involved in bribery or corrupt practices of any kind: -

(a) exposes VentureTECH to damage to or loss of reputation, financial losses, legal liability, including criminal proceedings and sanctions; and

(b) shall be liable for dismissal from employment, legal proceedings, and where charged and convicted by authorities, applicable fines and imprisonment.


Whistleblowing Policy

Disclosure Template

Disclosures of any wrongdoings, misconducts, and/or irregularities must be submitted via the channels mentioned below.

Acting in good faith

Any report or allegation made under the Whistleblowing Policy shall be made in good faith and devoid of any malicious intent. Any abuse of the Whistleblowing Policy will be dealt with seriously.

Protection of Whistleblower

VentureTECH is committed and will ensure that any act of retaliation or victimization against the Whistleblower will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or termination of contract.


VentureTECH is committed to ensure the strictest confidentiality of the disclosure as well as the complainant and shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure it is not disclosed unless absolutely necessary.

How to Make a Report

Whistleblowing Channels

(a) report to Integrity and Governance Unit (IGU) as follows: -

C-00-01, Ground Floor, iTECH Tower,
Jalan Impact, Cyber 6,
63000 Cyberjaya,

Attention: Integrity and Governance Unit

Telephone No.: 03-8322 8611


(b)    Whistleblowing Report e-Form here .