About VentureTECH

VentureTECH is principally an investment company that was established by the Government of Malaysia in 2009 with the national mandate to encourage the participation of local Malaysian companies in high value-added and high technology industries, a key mainstay that will drive Malaysia into a sustainable high growth economy.

VentureTECH assumes a catalytic role to help transform the country’s economic development trajectory by advancing the capability of local technology-based companies in targeted growth areas of bio-based, green and emerging industries. This provides a new opportunity for growth to generate the socio-economic benefits to the country and Rakyat. This is achieved by working closely with key ministries, lead development agencies, and financial institutions.

VentureTECH’s mission is to increase the number of viable, competitive regional and global companies in strategic and high value-added, which will be driven by our investment strategies customised to address the existing critical funding gaps within the ecosystem.

In tandem with the Government aspirations outlined in the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, VentureTECH is well-positioned to play the strategic role in driving the structural reform in economic policies, needed to accelerate the economy’s upward shift towards advanced and knowledge-based economy. Through our impact-investment approach, we will continue to emphasise on the socio-economic multipliers that can be created through our investments which aim to expand the benefits to include the wider community while accelerating productivity growth.

VentureTECH was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT).


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More than just providing capital, we provide strategic support to our investee companies through our vast government and corporate networks, and proven value creation plan


To be the Nation’s trusted investment partner


To build iconic Malaysian industry leaders in emerging sectors, by promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial participation from indigenous community for wider socio-economic benefits.



We embraced shared values that define us as an organisation and the way we work, upholding our commitment to generate benefits and impact to the key stakeholders and society.


Honest, transparent and ethical


Enterprising, pioneering and bold


Embrace change, collaboration and vigilance


Strive for excellence


Respect and diversity