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This joint evaluation project is one of the follow-up measures of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between A-BIO and Korea Biotechnology Industry Organisation (KoreaBIO) for Bioindustry Collaboration between Korea and Malaysia, with the support of the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (MBC). One of the main agendas of the MoU is to review the industry, business and the enterprises of the biopharmaceuticals area of the two countries with the main objective to identify areas for future industry-to-industry collaboration and investments. Therefore, KoreaBIO and A-BIO, jointly with the support of the BioeconomyCorp has undertaken this joint project for the evaluation of the Malaysian biopharmaceutical industry and business.

The report comprises of seven (7) section:
  1. Biopharmaceutical Market
  2. Policy on Bioeconomy Industry
  3. Status of Biopharmaceutical R&D
  4. Status of Biopharmaceutical Industry
  5. Opportunities for Biopharmaceutical Industry
  6. Korean Development of Biopharmaceutical Industry
  7. Conclusions and recommendations

This joint evaluation project on biopharmaceutical industry aims to progress Malaysia’s biopharmaceutical industry to the next level through open innovation and collaborative investments between Malaysia and Korea.

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