We are not just another investment company. We have to balance our commercially driven process with our national mandate to catalyze the growth of local entrepreneurial capacity in high technology industries through our direct nurturing role.

This means that we have to strategize holistically and invest in selective few companies with the highest probability to generate return on investment and positive spillover effect to the industries and community.

Throughout our investment tenure, we constantly work closely hand-in-hand with the management teams of our portfolio companies to strengthen the company’s business and financial position, creating value at every steps. We have a long history of doing just that.


We partner with dynamic, innovative and farsighted leadership that aspires to be part of the global supply chain. Our target companies typically offer products and services that meet national and international industry standards and best practices and are able to compete globally, hence enabling the companies to not only survive, but also thrive in the ever-changing world of high-tech industries.

Other than common themes of being high-tech, high value-added and high growth, other common attributes of our target industries include genuine needs for bridging or growth fund for business expansion and scale up, interlinked and collaborative, vigilant on emerging technology trends, and are strategically important to the Nation in transforming the country into a developed economy via sustainable growth.

We are always looking for exciting investment opportunities

We partner through equity participation scheme via ordinary shares or preferred shares. Check out and see if your company is eligible for our funds.
  • Malaysian Bumiputera company (at least 51% equity)
  • Incorporated less than 5 years
  • Revenue not more than RM10 million
  • Own or hold all IP rights, titles, interest to the products and or services
  • Company is already in late commercialisation stage or market launching stage
  • Malaysian Bumiputera company (at least 51% equity)
  • High growth potential, with potential to be listed within next 5 years
  • Minimum 2 years uninterrupted Profit After Tax. Exception is allowable with justification
  • Minimum profit after tax of RM50,000 based on recent audited account.
  • Malaysian company (at least 51% Malaysian)
  • Typically formed via JV between startegic parties and VentureTECH
  • Projects with potential high impact and socio-economic multiplier in terms of employment, spin off industries, lessen import dependency, and promote emerging technologies application
  • Potential to be listed or viable exit strategies within next 5 years
  • Malaysian controlled companies (at least 51% Malaysian)
  • Can provide synergy with existing investee companies of VentureTECH through strategic alliance or partnerships
  • Minimum 2 years uninterrupted Profit After Tax.
  • Minimum profit after tax of RM50,000
  • Potential to be listed or viable exit strategies within next 5 years