PEMACU Kerjaya

Introducing the PEMACU Kerjaya Program, a comprehensive 12-month program designed to empower qualified Bumiputera graduates. During the tenure, participants will embark on a dynamic journey, undertaking impactful job placements at VentureTECH or at our portfolio companies.

Our program goes beyond conventional learning by seamlessly integrating on-the-job experiences with meticulously crafted training modules. These modules are meticulously designed to provide exposure to a spectrum of vital components, including relevant industry knowledge, personal development strategies, technical competencies, and essential soft skills. These elements collectively form the cornerstone for navigating the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of the workplace.

In addition to gaining proficiency in their respective fields, participants will be equipped with the tools to effectively market and brand themselves. This holistic approach ensures that graduates not only excel in their roles but also confidently position themselves as valuable assets in the professional arena.

Through our strategic training components, we aim to significantly elevate the marketability and employability of our graduates. The PEMACU Kerjaya is not just a program; it's a transformative experience that propels individuals towards success by nurturing a well-rounded skill set and fostering a resilient, adaptable mindset.


Bumiputera Graduates
Must not be more than 30 years old as at the date of aplication
Holding a Bachelor's Degree with min CGPA of 2.80
Gross Household Monthly Income < RM5,000
Unemployed < 6 months
Highly Driven and Motivated


Monthly Allowance
Medical Benefit
Annual Leave

Programme Components:

12 Months' Work Experience
Industry Knowledge
Professional Development
Soft Skills
Technical Competencies

The Training:

12-Month On-The-Job Training
12-Month Work Experience
Computing Training
Image & Personal Branding
Business & Management Skills
Leadership Development
English Communication
Presentation Skills