Clinipath Malaysia

Clinipath is the 4th largest provider of clinical pathology testing service. The company provides over 1,200 test under immunology, microbiology, histopathology, haematology, cytology and bio-chemistry throughout its 20 centers across Malaysia. The management is embarking on a digital pathology project to further create value to the firm and its customers.


Sasha Nordin

Kuala Lumpur

Invested since

In year 2017, VentureTECH injected an amount of investment into CMSB that leveraged VentureTECH’s experience in medical consumables and in partnering with founders.

VentureTECH offered a differentiated ability to create value through its deep industry experience across multiple business segments and wide networks.

Within 2 years of assisting CMSB with its financial planning and operational strategy, VentureTECH is proud of CMSB’s current performance, indicated by a boost in its CAGR to 26.8%