Maero Tech

Maero Tech is a startup engaging in the R&D and commercialization of super thermal insulator (aerogel). Their aerogel has unique properties due to the usage of rice husk as raw input material.

Under Contruction

Zaharrudin Abdul Wahid

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

Invested since

Like many infant companies in Malaysia, MTSB is facing challenges following post R&D stage to venture into commercialization stage and capture market interest. Being the pioneer in the production of nano silica from rice husks, VentureTECH (at that time was A-Bio) invested in the company, its product and its founder.

With a strong commitment to MTSB’s growth potential and a vivid vision for scaling up the business, VentureTECH has been consistent in assisting MTSB to have a footprint in the industry through its networks.

Holding firmly to the mandate of facilitating Malaysian companies to become iconic, VentureTECH actively approaches for potential off-takers or users for MTSB’s products.