Prestigious Discovery

Prestigious Discovery is the manufacturer of the award winning remote terminal unit, part of the component of its overall system control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution. The company is the only player in this field in Malaysia and regularly serves clients in the logistic and energy sectors. The company is now leveraging its sensor and system integration technology to provide smart precision farming solution in rural areas.


Azharuddin bin Md. Kassim

Kuala Lumpur

Invested since

A core part of VentureTECH’s investment thesis in PDSB was building the company’s market capability in terms of scale and growth, abetted by strong credence in its reputable brand, Viscon.

In pursuing further growth opportunities, VentureTECH had partnered up PDSB with one of its investee companies to joint bid for tenders on Distribution Automation Division worth RM30 million.

Under VentureTECH’s investment, PDSB has been generating exceptional revenue growth and margin enhancement to date, through a more focused growth strategy.